Questions To Ask A Home Builder Adelaide

If you have never negotiated with a home builder Adelaide before now, how would you know where to start? Building a new home is an immense emotional and financial commitment which is why you should be cautious before, during and after the building undertaking. Below are some of the salient questions you should ask the prospective home builder Adelaide.

Can you Show Me Some Recently Finished Work By You?

This is easy. You should be able to scrutinize the builder’s completed projects. By doing this, you can observe personally if the home builder can satisfy your taste of a new home. Also, check out the originality of products used and the projects completed. Speak to the builder’s clients if possible and get references. This way you will get good feedback on customer satisfaction and experiences, and you would be surprised about how extroverted people are with details.

Do you have Valid Home Indemnity Insurance?

Before you make any payment, make sure the home builder Adelaide presents a Certificate of Currency that covers Home Indemnity Insurance. This will cover you for financial loss in the event that the home builder becomes insolvent, dies or does a runner.

Do you Have A Licence For Building?

This is an important question. It makes sense to work with licensed tradesmen. It seems like the obvious point to emphasize, but most times people don’t ask. Instead they go ahead and choose an unlicensed home builder with the aim of saving money: The end results can be catastrophic. A simple search on Google for “home builder’s license” will definitely get you started.

What Is The Duration Of The Building Maintenance?

The builder will agree to carry out building maintenance for some period of time after which the property has been handed to you. Some experts recommend a six(6) month maintenance period for any residential unit and 12 to about 19 months for commercial properties.

Are You Close To The Area of the Building?

It seems very simply, still many people don’t bother to ask this question. Your home builder may not be frantic, building in a place where they have to travel. This can make them hire assistant contractors they are not familiar with and may not be up to standard.

Will You Be Involved With Other Projects While Working On My House?

You do not want your home builder to bite more than he can chew. The more he concentrates on your job, the faster your job will be done and with less mistakes.

Who Will Supervise The Property Construction?

This question is paramount because the construction supervisor should be the person who keeps everything honest. When a supervisor is on site, higher quality work is expected. Take a look at the individual’s track record, including their duration at a current employer and past experiences.

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