The Job Description Of Our Residential Architect

ResidentialArchitect 300x240 - Residential ArchitectResidential architects are specialized in supervising the construction of residential buildings. It is the duty of our residential architects to keep track of current residential building innovations.

This includes the construction of green and energy-efficient houses to ensure that our clients get good value.

The Services of Our Residential Architect

As architects Adelaide, we offer a variety of services that suit the needs of our clients. The services are in these stages:


  1. Preliminary Consultation and Design

This is the meet stage. Here, we learn about our client’s ideas, plans, and budget. We also find out their housing needs and visit the site for analysis. This will help us come up with a rough sketch of the project in Adelaide.

  1. Developing the Design

This usually involves developing the rough sketch into a plan. It includes the structural plan, design and building specifications.

  1. Bidding For Contractors

This phase usually includes bidding for and negotiating with contractors on behalf of the clients. These contractors include service providers and product suppliers.

  1. Administering Construction Project

The services offered at this phase will include supervising. The construction of the project as the agents of the owner. We manage the different stakeholders to ensure that. Your building is constructed in time and within your budget.

Why You Need To Hire A Residential Architect

You need the services of a residential architect if you want to get the best design for your home. We also help in suggesting contractors as well as handle tough negotiations.