It might seem like a straight forward question but you would be surprised by the number of people who don’t know what architects work is. This in mind, this post is going to answer the question what does an architect do.

Who Is An Architect?

Before we can get to “what does an architect do”, we need to first know who an architect is. Who is an architect? Licenced professionals trained in the art and science of design and construction are architects. Architects help in creating the overall aesthetic style appeal and look for structures and buildings. An architect’s work is evident in schools and even your favourite hotels and skyscrapers.

In general, an architect’s work involves designing buildings or structures that primarily provide shelter. Architects should design this building and shelters with safety, welfare and the public’s health in mind.

When dealing with architects, look for ones who licenced architects. Architectural registration boards registers architects in the city in which they practice in. A licenced architect is important because he assists with plans and designs for your project. One place you can get an institute of architects licenced by the city is Edward Lukac Architect.

What Does An Architect Do?

So what does an architect do. Ever admired designed buildings in your city? Or admired a room’s eye-catching interior designs? If yes, you’ve knowingly or unknowingly appreciated the work of an architect.

Architects play a crucial part in most if not all construction projects. They help in creating designs for buildings or structures that provide shelter. They create designs for buildings like skyscrapers, hospitals, train stations and churches.

Creating designs for any structure or building involves working long hours. In order to design a perfect building, architects spend lots of time doing construction drawings. In some cases, they create computer aided design. This helps visualize how the final building or structure will look like. In some cases, architects tend to make plastic or cardboard models of the planned building to get a good picture.

What’s Involved In The Design Process?

An architect’s work isn’t easy. In fact, designing buildings involves a lot. An architect should design buildings or structures that will be of use to people. To do this, architects take into account what the building is for. They consider other factors like how many people are going to use the building. If an architect is designing a home, they factor in how many people are going to live in it.

If they are designing a school, they will design a building or structure with many medium-sized rooms. If it’s an office, the will design a building with many small rooms to act as offices. Taking this into account helps in making the building or structure relevant.

Additionally, architects take into account safety of the building or structure they design. It is important for an architect to design a building that is safe. Failure to do so might result in a building falling or succumbing to fire or dampness. The building should be designed to allow people to escape in case of an emergency.

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