Why You Need Modern Australian House Plans For Your Dream Home

Why You Need Modern Australian House Plans For Your Dream Home

You don’t just want a cool house. You want a super-cool modern Australian home. And to get it on your block of land, you’ll need modern Australian house plans that really work.

But before you put your fantastic architect to work on drawing up these house plans from heaven, you need to stop and think. What exactly is the ultimate contemporary Aussie home?

Modern Australian house plans – here’s what they should do:

1. Look ahead

If what you want is really modern, you’ll need to look ahead rather than behind. Retro architectural styles are still in vogue, but the ultimate contemporary home is all about the future.

Tip: By default, your architect may own the copyright in your modern Australian house plans. If you want that copyright, get your architect to read and agree to a document to hand those rights over to you.

2. Use exposed materials

If you’re looking at your costs to build and wondering what will really stand out, try exposed materials. We’re talking raw finishes, which don’t just look cool, they are a nod to honesty. If it looks good exposed, why cover it up?

Tip: Does your architect need a collection statement? If the architecture firm wants to use, hold or disclose your personal information, then yes.

3. Be sustainable

We can’t really talk about your modern Australian house plans without mentioning sustainability. It’s become a key part of contemporary home designs, including low energy use and carbon footprint.

Tip: Does your architect need a licence number? In Australia, to call yourself an architect, you do need to be registered.

4. Include features from heaven

Futuristic and sustainable is all good and well, but what are the features that will really make your modern Australian house plans right for 2018 and beyond? Try double-height ceilings, natural light, elevated windows, decking, level lawns and parent retreats.

And once you start adding up those awesome features, make sure to consult with an equally awesome architect. Architect Edward Lukac knows exactly how to turn your vision into super-cool modern house plans, so visit architecturalservices.com.au or call 0419 817 445 today.

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