3 Common Home Designs Melbourne Mistakes You Need to Avoid

3 Common Home Designs Melbourne Mistakes You Need to Avoid

So, you are a  budding architect and are ready to design your first house. Well, we wish you all the luck with your project, but just as a word of warning, here are 3 common mistakes every home designs Melbourne architect needs to avoid making if they want to design an award winning home.

1. Poor Use of Lighting

Look, a residential home is not the same as a hospital or a department store. All of these need different types of illumination and lighting. You don’t want the residents to live in a poorly lit home or one where they need to wear sunglasses all the time.

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when it comes to lighting, including where you place the windows, the size of those windows, number of lightbulbs, their position, and what color you paint the walls. Keep all of these in mind when making floor plans.

2. Rushing it

Look, Rome wasn’t built in a day and although it should take less time building a home than an entire ancient city, you still shouldn’t rush the project. While the home buyer will probably be anxious to get into this new dream home, you need to ensure everything is according to plan.

You’ll be surprised how much things will look better with just a little patience.

3. Not Seeing the Whole Picture

Don’t think about individual rooms. A great design is actually one where consider the whole picture and not just its  individual parts. Think about how each room will work with those around it to create a better living experience for the owner.

There you have it. 3 of the most common home design mistakes you should avoid. If you need more help with designing your home, be sure to check out home designs Melbourne experts Edward Lukac Architect.

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