4 Ways Modern Houses Have Changed

Once upon a time, not too long ago, the modern house design could be described as the “cookie cutter” approach.

Oh, how things have changed.

A new generation of those wanting truly bespoke modern home plans has emerged, and what they’re demanding are customisation and true uniqueness – but still at an affordable price.

So it means we say ‘goodbye’ to those cookie cutters, outdated home designs that all look the same next to each other. And it also means getting an architect who can realise your dream on a budget.

So what’s big in modern houses in 2018?:

1. Extra space

In short, what home lovers are looking for in their architecturally designed house designs are living spaces that give extra space. And we don’t just mean more space, we mean bigger openings including windows and doors.

2. Open plans

Not long ago, modern house plans would mean that every room had a specific function. But the floor plan of today is about using more of the space as a whole, more of the time.

3. Outdoor living

As lives get busier, people are either at work or at home much more often. And when they’re at home, they want to stay home – and outside as well. It means living spaces that are outside are incredibly popular for the modern home, whether it’s summer or winter.

4. Old meets new

Often, what a client will ask for in their modern house design is ‘old meets new’. For instance, a huge trend at the moment is the ‘modern farmhouse’ – because it is a classic look with contemporary functioning.

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