4 Smart Home Renovations Ideas for Your New (or Old) Home

4 Smart Home Renovations Ideas for Your New (or Old) Home

Okay, you just got into your new real estate, but it’s just not “it” somehow. Something is missing and that something is your own touch. Unfortunately, you don’t have a lot of money on hand and can’t do anything “epic” (as much as you want to. Not to worry, here are 15 home renovations ideas you can go with, even if you’re on a tight budget:

1. Make Better Use of Lighting

Maybe all your dream home really needs is a touch more of natural light to it. See if you can arrange the furniture in a way that will allow more sun into your life. Or, if the design or budget are not allowing that, the least you can do is add some more artificial light. A few more strategically placed lightbulbs are much better than sitting in the dark, are they not?

2. Take Advantage of Small Spaces

There are probably some small spaces in your house that’s left largely forgotten, but that could be very useful. Try adding a closet in a nook you’re not using otherwise, add a rod and you now have an extra place to hang your clothes or store your tools and appliances.

3. Divide Spaces with Half Walls

If you have a large space, like a basement or a garage, that you want to turn into a bedroom or a nice hangout area, you’ll probably end up with a lot of free room. Instead of looking at all that empty space, divide the room with some half walls. That way, you’ll get not one, but two areas that you can use to your leisure.

4. Go Under the Staircase

If your new real estate has a staircase, the space beneath them is probably not seeing much use. At best, you use it to store shoes. But this could be used much better! Use this space to store your books, or, better yet, if there’s enough room, do like Harry Potter add a bed and make a small room.


There you go. Four easy home renovations ideas and you didn’t even need to knock anything down! All it took was some careful planning and your boring home is transformed into a cozy place. Of course, you can always go a step more and ask a professional team of architects like Edward Lukac Architect what do they think.

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