How to Find Residential Architects Melbourne for Your Dream Home

How to Find Residential Architects Melbourne for Your Dream Home

One of the biggest mistakes new real estate owners make when creating a home is not consider all the ins and outs that this type of project will entail. Luckily, there are people who have been doing this for far longer and have years of practice. They are called architects. Here’s how to find the best residential architects Melbourne to help you build a dream home.

Ask for a Recommendation

You’re not the first person to hire an architect in the world. Heck, you’re probably not the first among your friends either. Ask your friends if they have any experience with architects in Melbourne and if they could recommend anyone. if that doesn’t work, you can always go online or look for architects in the local newspapers and magazines.

Be Sure to Interview the Prospective Architects

Okay, once you got a few names on your list, either through your friends, colleagues, online, design magazine or newspaper ads, it’s time to vet them with a good old interview. Be sure to look at their portfolio and if they are working with reputable architecture firms. Ask them about their experience, design process and any ideas, but at the end of the day, be sure they can understand and bring your vision to reality (or at least tell you why it won’t work).

Don’t Forget the Cost of their Service

It won’t do you much good if you spend half your renovation budget just on the architec. This is where you might need to get off the cloud you’re on and get back to the ground if they tell you that you won’t be able to cover all your expenses on that budget. This is why the first thing a good arhitect does is tell you their estimate for the project cost.

Finally, be Involved, but Not in the Way

It’s your home and your money, so you have every right to be involved in the design process and construction. However, try not to be in the way and let the arhitect do his or her work.

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